Bajakah Wood 400 Grams


Bajakah Wood For Sale

Shipped from where it is originated, Borneo Island.

Dried and chopped, Ready to boiled



Bajakah Wood For Sale

Bajakah are found in the forest of Borneo, Indonesia. It has known from the people of Borneo (Dayak Tribe) as a all-natural medication grow. In scientific check, the trunk in the stem does indeed consist of good phenolic substance, flavonoids and tannins, and saponins.

Benefits associated with Bajakah Wood stem :

1. Antioxidants

2. Contra- inflamed

3. Minimizes terrible cholestrerol levels

4. Natural laxatives

5. Anti- biotic

6. Anti cancers


Due to local provincial Goverment regulation, bajakah wood may be shipped out from Borneo Island at maximum weight of 2 Kgs per package per destination per year.

This product’s weight is 400 gram, so we strongly suggest you put a minimum order 2 x 400 grams ( 800 grams ) or 4 x 400 gram (1,6 Kgs ) . Even though we still accept a minimal order of 400 grams.

Thank you for your understanding.

Note : 400 grams of Bajakah could last for approximately 3 weeks . 

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Weight 400 g