Bajakah Wood Facts, Does Bajakah Cure Cancer ?

Cancer is actually a scourge for everyone. Naturally, from countless years since the creation of the healthcare community, cancer seemed to be a health problem in which there was no medication to stop it like other illness.

If someone can recover from an attack of cancer, There are series of medical treatments that cost a lot of money. But now, it is claimed that there is already a simple cancer treatment, which is from a natural plant.

Are you suffer from cancer for a long time? Your wait is now over. Cancer now has a cure !  This cancer heal turned out to be very simple, namely from a tree called the root of bajakah.

Curious about the facts of the bajakah wood? The following summarize a number of facts of the bajakah wood from various sources.

Origin Of Bajakah Wood

bajakah wood

At first glance the tree looks like an ordinary tree. It’s difficult to distinguish from other plants. The difference is, this tree grows by propagating despite having a strong and quite large trunk. It can propagate at a height of 20 meters more to the top of other trees it propagates. Its roots pierced at the bottom of the peatland water flow.

These plants only live in lush locations where there is not much sunlight coming in, covered by lush forests. A condition that only exists in the islands of Borneo.

Story Behind The Discovery of Bajakah Wood

The story began in 2018 where 3 students of Palangka Raya State High School , Central Borneo, conducted a study of a plant called “Bajakah” The Bajakah research itself was carried out after the student counselor who was a biology teacher, Helita said, originated from information from Yazid.

Yazid said that there is a plant in the forests of Central Borneo, which is often used by his family to cure cancer, even stage four malignant cancer. Under Helita’s guidance, the three students decided to start a more serious initial discussion about the Bajakah wood.

Does Bajakah Cure Cancer?

Tested with mice

Then the research continued with further research sample tests, which used two mice, which had been induced or injected with tumor or cancer cell growth substances.

Cancer cells develop in the body of mice with a characteristic lump in the body, from the tail to the head. They then gave two different antidotes to the two mice. One rat was given Dayak onions in the form of a liquid that was drunk to the rat. While other rats were given boiled water given from Bajakah wood.

“After the 50th day of testing, mice given the antidote from Dayak onions die, while mice given the liquid wood of Bajakah remain healthy and can breed,”

So What Does Bajakah Wood Contain?

High in antioxidant

Root Of Bajakah cure cancer
Bajakah wood for sale

After going through proof of the sample test media, then in early May 2019, the study continued by examining the levels contained in the Bajakah wood through laboratory tests, in collaboration with laboratories at the University of Lambung Mangkurat, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.

The results of the study, the Bajakah wood has a content that is quite rich in antioxidants even thousands of times more than other plant species that have been found, especially for healing cancer.

Some laboratory test results were found phenolic, steroid, tannin, alkonoid, saponin, terpenoid, to alkonoid.

Researcher at Lambung Mangkurat University, Eko Suhartono said, based on the research of the Bajakah wood, it was concluded that this root contains many chemical pituitary cell compounds that act as anti-cancer.

“For tannins and flaphonoites these compounds play a role by releasing hydroxyl compounds in which they will bind to cancer compounds so that they inhibit the process of brobering from the cancer itself,” he said.

The Story Begun Viral

students research bajakah cure cancer

On May 10, 2019, the supervisor and three students agreed to take part in a competition held in Bandung.

“We agreed to take part in the 2019 Youth National Science Fair (YNSF) competition held at the Indonesian Education University (UPI) in Bandung. “We are grateful after we succeeded in winning the race, it was even unexpected that we became the attention and won the championship, by winning a gold medal, the best in Indonesia,” he said.

“This is our ticket to move to the international level,” Yazid said.

After success in Bandung, the scientific work of the three students was chosen to represent Indonesia, to appear at an international level competition in the World Invention Olympic (WICO) event in Seoul, South Korea. In this event again, they received a gold medal.

bajakah cure cancer won gold medal

However, in the next event Yazid did not participate, so he was represented by two colleagues, Anggina Rafitri and Aysa Aurealya Maharani.

How To Consume ?

The people of Dayak tribe usually use medicine as a cancer drug by processing it first so that it can be consumed. First, plants obtained from forests are dried naturally by relying on sunlight. After drying, chop the stems of the plant then the chopped stems are boiled using plain water for approximately 30 minutes. Boiled water that has the color and taste like a bland tea is then taken as a substitute for daily drinking water. Consuming this water regularly for 2 consecutive months can eliminate a tumor in a person’s body.

Side Effect

The people Dayak tribe have long used bajakah plant as a health drink. And as of this writing published, there have been no reports about the side effects of drinking bajakah wood.

Where To Buy ?

Since the story became viral, bajakah wood increasingly sought after by the public. It is a normal to see bajakah for sale on the side of the road anywhere in Central Borneo. This is causing concern for local goverment.

Since the story became viral, bajakah wood increasingly sought after by the public. It is a normal to see bajakah for sale on the side of the road anywhere in Central Borneo. This is causing concern for local goverment.

To preserve it’s habitat, The Provincial Government of Central Borneo (Central Kalimantan), issued a prohibition letter to almost all shipping services in Palangkaraya, prohibiting the delivery of Bajakah wood to other regions. This rule resulting in hundreds of kg packages contained bajakah woods must be returned.

Fortunately, The Provincial Government of South Borneo release more flexible rules for Bajakah woods. Bajakah wood can be shipped outside Borneo Island with a maximum of two kg for one shipment per year.

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This discovery is considered to be an early stage for later certification as a cancer drug. However, the bajakah wood has the potential as a cancer drug because many have proven it, especially the local Borneo Island community. Bajakah cure cancer, a new hope from Borneo Island